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The Major's Office likes to keep tabs on the Supers of Superville.

Post here to declare whether you are a Villain or a Hero.

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The Super Rankings
Wed Jun 17, 2009 8:21 pm by Lisa Prince
Here in Superville, we have Rankings, to celebrate those who are truly Super. These are what the Ranks mean:

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D - List Super - 2 Stars: These are the truly incompetent Supers. They either have useless powers, or they're just plain stupid. These are usually (but not always) humorous characters.

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 Ethelyn Taylor / Scarleta

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PostSubject: Ethelyn Taylor / Scarleta   Tue Jun 23, 2009 11:45 am

Name/Alterego: Ethelyn Taylor

Work Place: Club Enigma; Bartender & Co-Owner w/ Allura

Personality Before the Accident: A loner that was congenial enough on the outside but was remarkably impatient when not at work. Would not go out of her way to help unless she liked you or if there was something in it for her. Once you got to know her, and she you, she’d open up exponentially. She followed the vampire lifestyle, and tended to find odd (occult, morbid, etc.) things interesting.

Personality After the Accident: Numb and guarded. Because she was turned into a cyborg (without her consultation) she really has no idea how to be this new Ethelyn Taylor. She feels like she’s so far out of her own skin that comfort is hereby unattainable. Most of the time she is just -there-. When she wants to, she can put on a cheerful face, but it’s easiest around friends to be like she once was. Though she is mostly machine she can still feel. However it’s more like an on/off switch. Her temper is not to be tried. Ethy maintains a decent façade of patience, unlike her former self. Ethelyn still wishes to embrace some of her old hobbies but has no idea as to how to go about some of them while she is so fully integrated with machinery. Mostly, her interactions depend upon the person.

Professionally, she maintains the face of congenial bartender with a skilled set of ears and a soothing voice (though she knows she can’t compare to Allura). She remembers the favorite drinks of the regular clientele at the nightclub, and can give background info about the other patrons so long as it’s not confidential. But, even then... confidentiality could be broken for the right price – something she picked up from Steven.

Supername: Scarleta

Other Aliases: Mouse / Enigma (what she prefers to have others call her at the nightclub)

  • Cyborg Body - increased physical attributes: speed, strength, endurance
  • Hemo-absorption - the ability to mimic / absorb superpowers by consuming the victim's blood. It is only temporary, lasting anywhere from a few hours to a limited number of days.
  • Phasing (Limited) - Can pass through solid walls, but it is very tiring on her so she doesn't do so very often. This ability does allow her to seem to become invisible for a short time as well.

Weaknesses: Extreme temperatures (includes Fire & Ice-based attacks) & Computer Viruses

Superhero or Supervillain: Villain

Archrival: None really, but she has no qualms with making every Hero an archrival

Appearance Before Accident: Red hair, brown eyes, somewhat short in stature and a slender build. Tended to be rather trendy in the area of clothing. Long, elegant features. Pointed “canine” teeth to go with the vampiric lifestyle.

Playby: Gates McFadden ((Click here for pic))

Appearance After Accident: Though a good deal of her old body could not be salvaged, this does not mean she is scarred beyond recognition. No: Steven did excellent work on her cosmetically and technologically. She stands a little taller than she did previously, and her face is entirely different; more rounded as opposed to oblong. Steven managed to save her ruby tresses, and made a covering of bionic hair that actually grew and could be cut with regular scissors. Her eyes are now a bluish green instead of brown. She wears a variety of clothing styles, from conservative Goth to trendy modernistic bodysuits. She’s not shy when it comes to clothing, though this is because she doesn’t feel the body her consciousness inhabits is really hers, even if parts of it still are. The really disturbing part is that she looks so much younger (in her mind) than what she should be. This leads her to think that Steven wanted a young girl as opposed to the real her...

Playby: Kirsten Dunst ((Click here for picture.))

History/Backstory (How you get your powers in story from):
Anything before the accident is mostly forgotten by the Ethelyn of the present. What she does remember is acquiring power through the power of Hemo-absorption: something she discovered she had when she took interest in the vampiric lifestyle. Though one would never get her parents to admit it, Ethelyn’s father – the supervillain Crimzon – was actually a resurrected doctor that could control and manipulate the biological elements of the body, specifically the blood and bodily fluids of mammals. Ethelyn’s mother, the superheroine known as Mist and the archrival of Crimzon, had the gift of phasing – passing through solid matter. Hence these two abilities were inherited from birth, with the bloodier one not surfacing until well into puberty, when she started walking down a generally misunderstood path... and eventually found Steven, as she had once been a nurse just as he was considered a doctor. Though their fields differed slightly, their paths crossed quite often both in the professional and casual realms.

The pair did not get along well at all to start out, but they eventually learned to love ((“tolerate” was their playful terminology for this)) one another enough to become domestic partners. They had moved to a mobile home court in Superville for the sake of convenience. That was when Ethelyn decided to take up bartending at the local nightclub. However, the club needed a little extra something and six months into the position she decided that what she really needed was a business partner. Ethelyn cannot remember what the establishment was called before it became known as Enigma.

Steven, despite his love for Ethelyn, refused to give up his careers in the sciences and computers for the sake of being the co-owner of a nightclub. However, he did know of a singer frustrated with her current position in the entertainment world that would have liked the opportunity: Allura Van Halen, a fellow villainess that also went by the name Siren. The very first chance the three of them got, Steven arranged a meeting between the two women. Though they were a little unsure about the other at first, but with Steven’s prodding the pair eventually hit it off: A business partnership was formed. Allura and Ethelyn were practically destined to be close friends after that meeting. As a gesture of what seemed to Steven to be an enduring friendship between the two women he eventually suggested they re-name the establishment to Enigma: the word had an ‘e’ and an ‘a’ at the beginning and end of it... E and A. Ethelyn and Allura. It seemed like a brilliant way to show off the talent and prestige of these two businesswomen.

During Steven’s cybernetic phase, Ethelyn wasn’t so sure she approved of his idea of bio-enhancement via this method, but she supported his decisions anyway. Ethelyn even stood by as shifty-eyed acquaintances of Steven’s put him under the knife for the final stage in his immersion into the technological world. The visible wires and circuitry just beneath his skin rather unnerved her, yet also fascinated her beyond all words.

Five years later, disaster struck: Steven and Ethy had gotten into one of their tiffs and each went off on their own to do something in private and away from the other for a while. Had either one anticipated the fateful accident that would occur... when Steven accidentally pushed a volatile compound too far...

The resulting explosion blew the moble home to pieces of wood and metal of varying size and shape. By some miracle, Steven had lived despite being so close to the blast. Ethelyn, however... Ethelyn was fading fast due to not just the wounds but from poisoning: Steven had been working on a toxin at the time of the blast. Ethelyn herself has no idea what happened next, but it had been Steven that rushed her to a friend ((Adelaide McNamara)) and arranged for Ethy to be put in a cryogenic sleep while he worked on a way to keep his partner alive. He would create all the cybernetic parts she could ever want or need and provide for her an even more complete delving into biorobotics than he himself dared to have done upon himself. At least Ethelyn had less to lose now than Steven did.

When Ethelyn woke up, it was rather quite a shock to her to find out that practically everything about her appearance and body had changed, with the exception of her red hair: she was very young-looking (not that she wasn’t beautiful to begin with, according to Steven), her face was all different, and she had circuits in places where there was never – ever – meant to be circuits! At least, according to her. Now more than ever she needed a supportive friend that was not involved in the process: a friend such as Allura, whom Ethy was told visited often while she was asleep. While she was grateful to Adelaide for obliging to do something so far out of the villainous stereotype, the woman, like Steven, recognized that Adelaide was quite the solitary type. The only person she really felt and still feels resentment towards is Steven. Not only did he recreate most of her body but he also made her look younger... making Ethelyn feel as though her last form was not pretty enough for him.

Having no other place to go, Ethelyn has currently decided to remain at Steven’s place for now merely because it suited her purposes. Plus, she didn’t know if Steven added anything to her wiring to prevent her from running off. But soon she would find out... and soon she would and go wherever and do whatever she wanted without being technologically bound to the one man she once loved, but now resents with the bitterest of grudges though she refuses to acknowledge the full extent of it in front of him.
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Posts : 380
Join date : 2009-06-17
Age : 33
Location : Working on the next insane experiment!

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Alias: Snakebite (Necro23)
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PostSubject: Re: Ethelyn Taylor / Scarleta   Tue Nov 02, 2010 9:18 am

!!History Update!!
While preparing for her scheduled shift at Enigma, Ethelyn Taylor happened upon a printout Steven had left unattended. After skimming it curiously, she realized her worst fears had come true: the printouts were schematics for her cyborg body, and not everything was as it had been naturally...

With stunning clarity, memories she didn’t think she had swam before her eyes: Steven, cut and bruised, rushing to her side; Steven carrying her body to an unknown location; voices... something about a cryogenic sleep until parts could be manufactured; Steven talking to her as he “assembled” her in her new body, explaining nearly every detail as he did it.

From what Ethelyn had skimmed, within her at the spine and sternum were syringes full of a strange, no doubt new poison he had concocted, connected to wires similarly as a bomb, and seemingly activated by a small remote she had seen him with numerous times. At the push of a button, Steven could snuff out her life faster than a striking bolt of lightning. Terrified and enraged, Ethelyn has made the decision to take her chances and leave Steven. For good. With trembling hands she hacked into Steven’s computer and printed out an extra copy of the schematics.

A hastily-packed suitcase on wheels followed her as she walked to the nightclub, hoping Allura would allow her to stay at the Penthouse for a few days.

Temporary residence secured, Ethelyn is now in dire need of someone knowledgeable with computers and cybernetic workings to remove the poison before Steven decides to pull the plug via remote control. Much as she hates asking others for help, it quickly becomes clear that it is her only option... even if she must resort to fraternizing with someone of the Heroic persuasion.

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Ethelyn Taylor / Scarleta
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