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The Major's Office likes to keep tabs on the Supers of Superville.

Post here to declare whether you are a Villain or a Hero.

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The Super Rankings
Wed Jun 17, 2009 8:21 pm by Lisa Prince
Here in Superville, we have Rankings, to celebrate those who are truly Super. These are what the Ranks mean:

Civilain - 0 Star: Just your average normal human being.
0-149 Posts

Sidekick - 1 Stars: These are the helpers of Supers, not even really even considered a proper Super yet.
150-499 Posts

D - List Super - 2 Stars: These are the truly incompetent Supers. They either have useless powers, or they're just plain stupid. These are usually (but not always) humorous characters.

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5. If you click the little plus …

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 Ian Kenneth/Abyss

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Posts : 108
Join date : 2009-06-17
Age : 26
Location : Hiding.

Super Profile
Alias: Abyss
Life Force:
30/30  (30/30)
Powers: Control clouds of darkness, unbreakable bones and shapeshifting (onyl human forms)

PostSubject: Ian Kenneth/Abyss   Thu Jun 18, 2009 10:55 pm

Name/Alterego: Ian Kenneth

Work Place: Corruption Casino...In the secret part that only a select few can enter, without breaking down the doors/security devices that is.

Personality: Cunning, evil, plans everything ahead, intelligent, charismatic, merciless, cold-hearted, but can pretend to be otherwise...

Supername: Abyss

Powers: Can shapeshift(-only human forms), Low level invulnerability (bones almost unbreakable) and can send small clouds of inpenetrable darkeness at enemies.

Weaknesses: Bolts of light can injure him a lot. Not very mobile, so open to attack. Also has a weakness for a nice big bag of money...and cake. Really loves cake. ((Evil cake of course))

Superhero or Supervillain: VILLAIN *evil laugh*

Archrival: Valkerie!

Appearance: Black short hair, hidden by mask/hood. Deep purple boots, rest of his tunic is black. Huge black gloves. Red eyes. Tall (6ft) and broadly built. Eyes are a grey when thoughtful and red when angry or feeling particularly evil...Watch out, he bites. (I'm serious...)

History/Backstory (How you get your powers in story from): From a family that founded the mafia, however grandfather died and father quit the mafia, later dying as a result. Ian joined a different mafia and hurtled through the ranks, going from corrupting and stealing to murder and masterminding in a few weeks. He is now secret head of the mafia, having destroyed the ones who killed his family. After successfully avenging his family, he became a triple agent, feeding information to Russia, Britain and Germany all at once, and gaining access to military websties in return. He then faked his death, and returned to his mafia pursuits. He is currently leader of the top gangster group in all of Superville, wrecking havok wherever he goes. However, he prefers to let most of his minions do the work while he mastermids it all. But that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy having a fight every now and again...

Got powers when he came across his father's murdered body and the anger broke the lock his granfather had placed on his powers when he was a baby. The lock had tied him to his mortal form, but now he was free.
His mother, who he'd never known, was to blame for his powers. She had not been human either. She's been mutated, grown into some monster. After she'd given birth to him, she had leapt into the water, knowing it would kill her. Ian's father left the mafia soon after, not wanting to endanger Ian.

Age: approximately 24

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Posts : 108
Join date : 2009-06-17
Age : 26
Location : Hiding.

Super Profile
Alias: Abyss
Life Force:
30/30  (30/30)
Powers: Control clouds of darkness, unbreakable bones and shapeshifting (onyl human forms)

PostSubject: Re: Ian Kenneth/Abyss   Wed Jul 08, 2009 1:32 am

Important Addition to Abyss

From the ages of seven until ten ((or so he says...)) young Ian Kenneth was obsessed with Narnia, the books (not the films...he's too old for them) by C.S. Lewis.
At the age of ten, he was told by his father that he was too old for Narnia, and his play games in his old treehouse at the base of the estate. However, he camped out in the treehouse for two nights after this, and his father never spoke of the matter again.
Young Ian then began secretly reading his collection of Narnia books, which he concealed in his headboard of his bed.
As many of his early childhood games involved fauns, cair Paravel and sword fights, he did not have many friends growing up, with the exception of a young boy from the village, Harry, but the friendship fell apart after Ian's father discovered it and scared Ian away from Harry using the fact Harry was gay.
A traumatising experience, but one that did stop his Narnia games...although not his daydreams.

Please Note: Ian may turn out to be gay...since his homophobic dad is dead.

((Hm...I'm tempted to bring Harry back sometime...for amusement.))
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Ian Kenneth/Abyss
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