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 Adelaide McNamara/Excessum ((updated...))

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PostSubject: Adelaide McNamara/Excessum ((updated...))   Thu Jun 18, 2009 6:20 pm

Name/Alterego: Adelaide Georgina McNamara

Work Place: Morgue Macabre she is a Histology Technician.

((Note- A histology technician prepares the tissue, cuts it, adheres it to slides, stains it, and cover slips the slides for diagnosis by a pathologist. ))

Age: 43 ((Her body, due to its frozen state, does not age...thus she continues to appear to be in her 20s))

Personality: A quiet person with a dislike for disorder and chaos, she is careful to blend in with her surroundings and rarely involves herself in anything that involves a great deal of people. Rather antisocial with a good deal of phobias, she defines people as the reason why there are so any problems in the world and takes great pains to remain reclusive. She is easily frightened of animals, and therefore dislikes them almost more than people. She greatly enjoyed the dark and stays in shadow as often as possible. Her great love of darkness comes from her inability to stand the light, which temporary blinds her. Although she is a very antisocial person, Adelaide does enjoy the company of her one and only friend, Snakebite aka Steven Rush. She also tolerates her nephew, Quinlin McNamara...

Supername: Excessum ((Latin for Death))

Powers: Cryokinesis; the ability to control and create ice from existing water vapour. Omni-linguism; the ability to understand any form of language, a natural polyglot. Ice claws extend from the ends of her fingers at her will. They grow back quickly if damaged. Also her ice abilities are physical...which means she has complete control over her body...same as with ice around her. Can animate ice to have life of its own.

Weaknesses: Light of any kind blinds her if she is without her cybernetically enhanced glasses. She is frightened of animals and dislikes crowds. And due to the physical nature of her ice powers, extreme heat and salt also temporary disable her. The animation takes a great deal of energy and is limited.

Superhero or Supervillain: Supervillian

Archrival: Phoenix ((When she remembers...lol))

Appearance: Due to her ice powers, she has white eyes, which she usually hides behind sunglasses, snow white skin, which she covers with long sleeves and skirts or pants, and long claws made of ice that extend from her fingers, which she retracts. She has long platinum hair, which she plaits down her back. Excessum is a very beautiful woman, despite her white eyes and cold personality and with her skin and eyes covered can easily lure men of any age to an icy death. A very small woman, slightly beneath 5 feet and petite, Excessum can easily feign weakness if needed.

Clothing: She wears dark colours or white, depending on where she is going. At home or work, she prefers to wear a white summer dress and her lab coat, taking the former off and on. When out in public, she is careful to wear black gloves, a dark coloured scarf or hat and flat shoes. Her outdoor attire is always dark, ranging from black to green. Tunics that reach either mid thigh or knee with long sleeves and deep pockets make up her shirts and since she only owns two pairs of pants, sometimes wears pale jeans or black slacks.

History/Backstory (How you get your powers in story from): As a young child, Adelaide lived in London with her two older brothers and parents. A strangely antisocial child, she was often left alone for long periods of time and often even forgotten at restaurants, stores and other public areas. Her older brothers both attempted to break her out of her shell, but soon gave up trying as she would ignore their efforts. When she turned six, her family took a holiday to visit her grandparents, in Northern Scotland.

While there, Adelaide fell from a swing in the garden and hit her head against the stone pavement. Her equilibrium greatly effected by the blow to the head, the young girl attempted to find someone to help her. Bleeding profusely, she stumbled into the forest not far from her grandparents house. A snarling wolf attacked her, forcing her to run deeper into the wood. Finally terrified and exhausted, she crawled into a dark cave. There she was completely encased in ice and drifted off into what could have been an eternal sleep.

While she slept the ice transformed her not only giving her powers, but altering her appearance as well. The ice paled her skin till it was snow white and altered her eyes so they were white. It took her a very short amount of time to discover her powers, and she hid them, by staying in the shadows and as she got older, wearing scarves and glasses.

She finished with school two years early due to her great desire to disappear and went into extreme solitude for several years. In her years of silence, she took the name Exessum, latin for death. During her years of solitude she studied extensively in several different science fields, attempting to find a way to assist her hypersensitivity to light. However she met with little success. After hearing about a man named Steven Rush, who, she overheard, experimented with DNA's and other genetics, she went in search of him, hoping he may be able to assist her with her inability to stand the light. Although he was unable to assist her, Excessum befriended him, making her first friend in her life.

A few years later, Steven came to Adelaide asking her to help him. An experiment at his house that had gone bad had severely injured the woman he was living with and desperate to save her, he asked Adelaide to put her into a cryogenic sleep. Obliging, she used her powers for good for the first time and was able to successfully help save the woman for Steven to attempt to help.

Almost as a pay back for the cryogenic sleep, Steven designed magnetic sunglasses to attach to her regular lenses and inside the lenses installed a chip which wirelessly connected to a bit of cyberware hidden beneath the skin of her scalp, covered by her hairline. This wireless connection allowed her to adjust the intensity needed on the glass lenses as the glasses are directly linked to her mind.

Currently Adelaide lives in an apartment that is carefully concealed. And works at the hospital morgue...mainly because she has no other place to work.

Adelaide only eats dried foods; which include dried meats, fruits, and vegetables.

In her spare time, she creates miniature ice sculptures that range from flowers to people.

She dislikes television, due to the bright light and computers fall into the same category...

Due to her physical change, she cannot smell and finds it annoying when people around her attempt to get her to smell things.

Although she is easily made uncomfortable and easily annoyed, Excessum has a great amount of patience and does not become outwardly angry until the offense has become something worthy of her time. Also her first line of defense is too kill as she does not believe that people are worth sparing.

More recently, she sent one of her ice creations to the Superville Museum...

Quinlin, her nephew is now under her indirect custody.

Newer: She developed a new power... Ice Animation

Last edited by Merci on Tue Dec 14, 2010 11:38 am; edited 9 times in total (Reason for editing : additional information...)
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Posts : 605
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Powers: Cryokinesis, Omni-linguism and Ice Animation

PostSubject: Re: Adelaide McNamara/Excessum ((updated...))   Tue Apr 13, 2010 10:12 am

Life CD

  • Childhood- Imaginary (Evanescence)
    Gaining her powers- Blank Infinity (Epica)
    Working to gain her medical degree- The Path to Decay (Sirenia)
    Steven/Snakebite- Telepathy (Emiliana Torrini) & Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)
    Helping save Ethy for Steven- Jealous (Evanescence)

    Fighting with "Birdy"/Phoenix- Get Off Of My Back (Bryan Adams)
    Heroes in general- Catch Me If You Can (Alice Cooper)
    Her nephew, Quin- Lose Control (Evanescence)

(More TBA at later date)
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Adelaide McNamara/Excessum ((updated...))
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