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 Morton Parker / Sidney Foxx / Blizzard

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PostSubject: Morton Parker / Sidney Foxx / Blizzard   Fri Dec 10, 2010 11:56 am

Real Name: Morton “Mort” Parker

New Name/Alter Ego: Sidney Foxx

Age: 34

Workplace: Co-founded Lacrymosa, and was the keyboardist for the band. However, he also had a keen interest in law. He no longer has an occupation, being in prison at the present time...

Appearance Before Sentencing to Prison:

Appearance After Prison:

Personality: As Morton Parker he was a calm, highly-organized, pleasant individual with a passion for music, particularly metal. He also believed quite strongly in justice and the systems in place which did its best to maintain it. There had been many a stereotypical crooked lawyer in the firm he interned at when not composing songs and the like, but had always felt a sense of pride that he unlike his some of his fellow interns had kept a respectable image, until he quit the firm altogether to devote himself fully to music. Mort has attempted to keep on the good side of the law a majority of the time.

This person died in the Poison Prison, serving a life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit.

Transformed from his rage at the injustice, Morton Parker slowly changed over the years into the disorganized, chaotic entity known as Sidney Foxx. He refuses to answer to any other name and lividly corrects anyone that tries to address him otherwise, firmly believing that “Mort Parker” is a separate man and very much dead. His emotions or lack thereof are fickle and difficult to establish. What sounds like anger and a tendency for hot-headedness may not always be the case. Foxx is also rather arrogant: his penchant for mischief and causing others pain is set in his mind by the ideal that the whole world deserves at least a portion of the undeserved pain and torture he was put through. Although his emotions are generally hard to place, Sidney’s humor tends to stand out like a sore thumb.

Sidney Foxx is more than just a common rebel. He sees himself as an anarchist. The newly-shaped villain has no sense of loyalty except unto himself, gladly betraying any associate if he feels the odds are better in the long run that way. While he is a judgmental person he often hates for people to judge him. Such a fact is sometimes revealed when attempting to placate someone he wronged by claiming it was ‘nothing personal’. In a lot of ways, to him, it never was personal... unless you’re in the justice system or politics. Then it’s personal.

A vehement dissident to the practice of forming plans and schemes, Sidney does have a couple of long-term goals. He uses a small blood-red notepad to keep reminders of his goals and specific targets. It is, in a way, a blatant contradiction to his ideal of not having plans. Once you’ve dealt with him however it becomes clear that not only does he have impulses to upset the natural order, but also the “order” which he has built himself upon. Sidney’s reason why? ... Why, a simple change of pace of course. ... Why not?

Former (Hero) Powers: Cryokinesis, Force field generation, and superhuman speed. Only the first remains active. The other two no longer work, but he can bestow them to another (see below).

Present (Villain) Powers:
- Cryokinesis – can manipulate and generate cold and ice. It is the only power from his life as a hero to survive his twelve-year incarceration.

- Power Bestowal/Enhancement – Has the ability to unlock a person’s latent powers or bestow powers to an individual, the latter being for a limited amount of time. However, asking Sidney to provide one with powers is much like selling one’s soul to the devil given his status as a villain. He can also enhance a super’s existing power, so long as there is some sort of contact (e.g., eye, physical, telepathic) between him and the recipient of the power boost.

- Chameleon – At a touch, Sidney can alter his features and entire makeup to take on the same aspects of the target object, person, or surface.

- Has a love/hate relationship with warmth. While he can manipulate cold and ice, there does come a time when the cold becomes too much and needs to warm up. However, too much heat causes him to get sick and prevents him from using that power.

- Bestowing a power or enhancing another person’s powers is an exhausting endeavor. For bestowing, he must have experienced the power in some shape or form before. While amidst either activity Sidney must focus solely on that one task and little to nothing else, leaving him quite vulnerable until his work is done.

- Is allergic to sage.

- Has to keep hold on whatever he’s changing into until the chameleon power’s metamorphoses are complete. Not doing so causes him to lose all progress in the shape-shift and return to his usual form.

- Past: Lita Morris
- Present: Any in the justice or political systems, and the jurors that sat in his trial.

Superhero or Supervillain: Was a Hero. Has turned Villain since being framed and imprisoned for 12 years

Supername: Blizzard ((both as hero and villain, though rarely used))

Spouse: Allura van Halen [technically still married to her]
Cousin: Lita Morris (Lita’s mother’s side)

Morton “Mort” Parker was as normal as Superville’s supers could be. He had a good childhood, and was torn between his passions of music and law for a good long while. While he was a teenager/young adult in high school, Morton became close friends with a young Dutch woman named Allura van Halen. Together they formed the band Lacrymosa while still in school, and composed the band’s songs as a team.

When it came time for him to go to college, his parents sincerely hoped he would enroll into a program focused on law and take music for his electives, but instead did the opposite: choosing various instruments in music for his primary course of study, and selecting law courses for his electives. It did not sit with his family well, but it suited Sidney’s heart, soul, and passion for music and satisfied his curiosity in the convoluted topic of law.

At the end of his two-year stint at college he immediately found work part-time at a law firm when not rocking the night away with his and Allura’s band. And, on the side, Morton also fought crime a bit more actively under the Hero guise of Blizzard. It wasn’t long into his career before Mort quit his part-time job at the law firm to devote himself more to the band and to Allura, whom he married quite early in their years of young adulthood.

At the age of twenty-two all that Mort had desired, striven for, and gained in his life... he lost.

Under circumstances obscure, Mort had come unmasked in the eyes of the media and entangled in a case that went on for several weeks regarding the deaths of five people. Due to an overwhelming amount of evidence, quite a bit of it seeming fishy to Mort, the man was convicted of all five murders and sentenced to life imprisonment at Poison Prison. The only logical explanation in his mind was that he’d been framed. But who? By what means had the real culprit linked him to the crimes? And why?

A Hero assumed to have shown his true colors, betraying the people? He would be torn apart in prison. Just how cliché was the phrase ‘I’ve been framed!’ he wondered? It wouldn’t be the first time he’d heard of someone in the prison hiring someone to arrange a frame-up... though it could’ve been someone not at all in prison and simply wanted him out of the picture. The conundrum of the whole ordeal baffled Mort Parker. Allura had indeed visited him quite often at first, but as the months wore into years her visits became less and less frequent until they didn’t come at all. In his loneliness and isolation, the hero slowly began to change...

It had been at first his thoughts that the courts would realize their mistake; that someone would appeal his case, and everything would be made right again. As the years wore on and he endured the various jeers, beatings, and associated cruelty by guard and inmate alike, Mort lost hope and faith in the justice system he had once believed in. The system he had worked for with pride and honor... The man began to see it as nothing more than a façade. A mental and moral prison for the populace at large that no one seemed to notice or find themselves trapped in. ... No one it seemed except him, as he was now, and others like him. The world placed him here unjustly, and so the world would pay, with some exceptions for friends and allies to the cause. But the rest of the world would all pay...

Morton Parker vanished, losing all that he morally was to the prison. In slow transformation the man re-vamped everything about himself: his ideals, his morality... even his name. The only traces of Mort Parker that remained were the ability of cryokinesis, or the ability to manipulate the cold or ice, and his passion for music – particularly the piano/keyboard. And thus, Sidney Foxx was ‘born’. Now if only he could get rid of the glasses, it would make the visual transformation just as complete as the rest of it.

That break came in 2008. A doctor calling himself Steven Rush was in need of a subject to test some new theories that, should they go wrong, he would not receive a legal backlash. Sidney had been randomly selected by the prison staff, and the ‘good’ doctor (which was anything but, he soon found out) went to work. Sidney doesn’t remember much of these experiments of the doctor’s, but does recall them being quite painful and unpleasant. One of the experiments had started draining all color from his hair, though managed to be stopped upon noticing the strange white tuft of hair on the right side of his hairline. If only his arms were free, the hero turncoat would have throttled the doctor...

... Until one day Sidney awoke and reached for his glasses, only to find he no longer needed them. The doctor never told him what he had done in copious detail, but for the briefest of moments Steven was the recipient of a flood of gratitude. More torturous experiments continued thereafter. The only one with a record of all that was done is Steven Rush himself, for he didn’t bother making a copy of the experiments to go in Sidney’s medical records. When Doctor Rush concluded his experiments he abruptly left without so much as a word to Sidney, who now found himself alone, restrained, and in need of medical attention within the prison’s hospital wing and laboratory. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Steven intended to leave Sidney to die on that table, oblivious to the fact it was a fellow villain lying there and not some superpower-less convict.

After recovering from his brush with death, Sidney discovered that all of the experiments the doctor had done left him with a new ability: the power to take on the aspects and/or forms of any object, person, animal, or surface for a limited time at will, with the aid of touch. He doubted the doctor had meant for such a thing to occur. Yet, if he ever met up with him again Sidney decided a thank you was in order just before wringing the man’s neck. This ‘Chameleon’ ability as he called it was quite handy: it has been instrumental in allowing him a slightly greater sense of ease to sneak about and instigate fake jailbreaks. Unfortunately, despite his most painstaking efforts, he has never once managed to escape.

Now at the end of his twelfth year of incarceration, Sidney has a new plan to escape. And he is determined it will work...

... even if it kills him ... almost.

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Morton Parker / Sidney Foxx / Blizzard
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